Eat Healthy, Live Long!™

"Shabu-shabu" is a type of Japanese cuisine that comprises of cooking vegetables and meat in a steaming pot of water. Traditionally, the primary meat cooked is beef, but modern cuisine has evolved to include other meats and fish. At King Shabu Shabu™, we serve salmon, mussels, shrimp, pork, scallops and five grades of premium beef: Angus ribeye LEAN, Angus ribeye CHOICE, Angus ribeye PRIME, American WAGYU and Japanese Grade A-5 WAGYU.

Shabu-shabu literally translates into "swish-swish," referring to the action of cooking food in the pot, as the finely sliced beef requires only a brief amount of time immersed in the boiling water before it is ready to eat.

At King Shabu Shabu™, we strive to bring you the freshest ingredients and a memorable dining experience that allows you to be the cook. Our authentic homemade Japanese goma (sesame & peanut) and ponzu dipping sauces enhance the flavors of your meal, and near the end of your meal, a Japanese tsuyu soup base is provided to create a delicious soup when combined with your broth and udon noodles.

We hope to have the pleasure of serving you soon.